Wealth Management Case Study #2

After woWealth Management Case .rking for decades, a married couple decided it was time to retire and enjoy a simpler life. In coordination with their desires, JM2 Capital reviewed their financial situation, including multiple retirement accounts, pension, social security, and other investments. This led us to create a plan that:

  • Consolidated retirement and other investment accounts
  • Ensured a stable monthly income stream
  • Streamlined their charitable giving, while utilizing available tax advantages.

Now, this couple is focused on where they want to travel with no stress, knowing that JM2 is monitoring their investments and the market daily.




Disclosure: Case studies are shown for illustrative purposes only and should not be relied upon as advice or interpreted as a recommendation. Past performance is not a guarantee of and may not be indicative of future results. Individual results may be materially different than the results portrayed and may include recommendations that are not successful.