Business Consulting Case Study #1

Focusing on Strategy & Execution

A young manufacturing company, eager to pursue upcoming opportunities, wanted to find the right strategy, processes, and people for the best results. After meeting with the company’s leadership, JM2 outlined a strategy that focused on their key market opportunities and maximized their business resources, which included:

  • Established market concentrated in most profitable areas
  • Implementation of technology to increase accuracy in orders, tracking, and invoicing
  • Expanding their output margin without outsourcing manufacturing through insourcing and lean manufacturing practices
  • Developed raw material analysis that led to demand-based purchasing
  • Recruiting of key leaders to fill business crucial positions

Over a two-year period, the company’s revenue increased by 650%, while expanding profit margins. The phenomenal progress made against the three-year strategic plan prompted the company to re-sign with JM2 for an annual updated three-year strategic plan.